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The 13th Conference on Gas-Powered Vehicles

Natural gas as CNG and LNG, biomethane and “power-to-gas”, LPG, and hydrogen: diverse environmentally-friendly fuels for vehicle drive systems are a clean alternative for any application or climate target. As natural products, their properties include long-term availability and environmentally-friendly production using renewables, and they guarantee a considerable reduction in exhaust emissions and virtually particulate and NOx-free operation with simple exhaust gas aftertreatment.

Cars, trucks, public transport, delivery traffic, overland/overseas transport, and stationary facilities (e.g. CHP plants) with gas-powered drive systems benefit from clean exhaust emissions, low carbon emissions, the existing infrastructure, and low operating and procurement costs (compared to other alternatives). The viability of these alternative fuels is underscored by the extension to the mineral oil tax exemption granted by the German government and the targets set by the EU Commission relating to a Europe-wide natural gas filling station network infrastructure.

11 Sep 2018


12 Sep 2018