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22 Sep 2021


24 Sep 2021


International Conference Progress in Biogas V

The fifth edition of the conference “Progress in Biogas”, will bridge the gap between the technology and the end user. We address the international scientific community as well as practitioners to present you the status quo and new and modern technologies.


  1. Biological processes under difficult circumstances
  2. Microbiology of the anaerobic process and process stability
  3. Fermentation of biowaste and residues
  4. Faecal sludge treatment
  5. Hygienic aspects of the biogas process
  6. Substrate pretreatment – use of difficult substrates
  7. The role of biogas in the bio-economy
  8. System integration of biogas – On-demand biogas production
  9. Economic concepts for the future without feed-in tariffs
  10. Contribution to climate protection through biogas production

Important dates

  • 02.2021: Call for Papers submission deadline!
  • Mai 2021: Call for Papers acceptance confirmation
  • Mai 2021: Registration start (Early Bird)



+49 (0)7954 926 203


Abstracts, papers, program
Jenny Aragundy-Kaiser
E-Mail: [email protected]

Sponsoring, exhibition, logistic
Tristan Gruszkos
E-Mail: [email protected]

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