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26 Oct 2021


27 Oct 2021


European Biogas Conference 2021

Every year, this conference provides a platform for discussion on the latest developments of the biogas and biomethane sectors in Europe.

About this event

Why should you attend this conference?

Renewable gases are essential for the defossilisation of the energy sector and the realisation of the EU 2030 climate targets. The EU Green Deal has set the framework for the energy transition and now is the time to turn these goals into reality. The global challenges we are facing can be turned into an opportunity to build future resilience based on sustainability. Through a green recovery, the EU will be able to boost innovation, undertake the restructuring of critical sectors and accelerate the implementation of environmental plans and projects.

Constructive dialogue and knowledge-exchange is critical in this crucial moment. The European Biogas Conference will provide this opportunity to discuss some of the most relevant topics for our industry:

  • What is the role of biomethane in these future energy systems?
  • How can we accelerate the ramp-up of biomethane production enabling the industry to become a key actor in this transition?
  • How can biogas stimulate rural development and help us build a more sustainable and competitive farming sector?
  • What is needed to unlock the immense potential of biogas in developing circular cities and regions?

What will you get?

We have prepared an intensive programme with 8 different sessions and over 40 speakers, multiple networking opportunities, plus an optional Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony that will bring you:

  • 1st hand information on the latest developments of biogas and biomethane in all EU territories.
  • Discussions with high-level stakeholders on the legislative support that our sector will need from EU policy-makers to unlock the potential of biogas and biomethane in the energy transition.
  • Exchange of knowledge and expertise on current and future renewable gas trends.

Who will be there?

  • High-level stakeholders from the renewable gas industry.
  • Representatives from key areas for the development of our industry, including the waste management and agrobusiness sectors.
  • Researchers and academia working on innovative renewable gas technologies to develop our industry.
  • Influential policy-makers for our sector in Europe.

Biogas is our priority but your safety goes first!

The conference is initially planned as a physical event to ensure high-quality discussions and exchange between all participants. We are committed to strictly respect all relevant measures to ensure the safety of conference attendees and comply with the instructions from the competent institutions. In case a physical event is not possible, the format of the conference will be adapted and we will keep participants duly informed at all times.

CHECK UPDATES: preliminary programme, conference partners and more!

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