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16 May 2019


17 May 2019


Circular Change Conference

The international Circular Change Conference has grown into one of the key European events dedicated to circular economy. It provides participants, speakers and sponsors with an opportunity to connect, become engaged, inspired, and up-to-date with the latest developments in the global push towards circularity

The ambition of the 4th Circular Change Conference is to move towards “less talk, more action”. They are inviting you to explore what is actually happening “on the ground”. We all know what must be done for switching from a linear to a circular economy. We have excellent reports and scientific data, as well as guidelines for much needed solutions. We have agreed to follow the sustainable development approach, based on the Sustainable Development Goals, which takes into account environmental, economic and social dimensions. What we need now is concrete action, radical collaboration and scalable success stories.

This year they are focusing on real business cases from the four priority sectors set out in the Roadmap Towards the Circular Economy in Slovenia – food system, manufacturing industries, mobility and forest-based value chains, while bringing in the key role of creative industries.

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