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22 Jun 2021


23 Jun 2021


3rd LNG Global Forum

The LNG sector has been impacted by several unforeseen challenges in a short period of time – the outbreak of pandemic and subsequent global oil price shocks will certainly have a role in shaping long-term implications for the business. These new circumstances are predicted to influence the supply and demand in LNG markets, some experts claim that the demand from Asia might weaken and the sector might get burdened with oversupply. The raising competition of renewables should also be considered when discussing challenges and competitors in the energy industry. Nonetheless, a prosperous LNG market growth is still expected in coming years, and investments in LNG plants, infrastructure development projects are steadily continuing.

You will be joined by many established industry experts and practitioners from different LNG areas, who will share current developments and challenges within their organisations, future plans, technical solutions and market insights. We will provide an interactive platform, where participants will be able to engage in a discussion with the speakers and the audience. We invite all stakeholders to join the online conference, get valuable insights and share their experience.

The 3rd Global LNG Forum is expanding an array of topics and will dedicate some special attention to the new promising energy carrier of the future. The LNG industry has necessary potential and offers advantages to develop the hydrogen industry. Lessons learned and good practices created in developing the global LNG market and technologies can be used for embarking on the new hydrogen journey. Even according to the International Energy Agency findings, energy industry stakeholders should use the opportunity to develop hydrogen as future fuel in the next decade. An action and policy plan should be established to lay the commercial and technological foundations for the cleanest energy source of the future.

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