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Climate-neutral mobility is needed today, not just in the future.
gmobility is here to show how this can be made possible.

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Best practices

This is where you can find the best practice examples from our industry. On this page we will curate for you the latest innovations, technology developments or interesting projects.

Gmobility is an immediately available and expanding solution for both light and heavy-duty transports, as Italy’s leading example is demonstrating. Leveraging on growing bioCNG and bioLNG contributions, we are already working towards European Net Zero Emissions mobility.
Andrea Stegher
Snam S.p.A.
Gmobility is an important pivot to help decarbonize long haul heavy road transport in Europe and will offer immediate emissions reductions. Well to wheel CO2 neutrality could be achieved with the use of renewable LNG, a drop-in Bio product to be offered into Europe’s fast-expanding LNG network.
Christian Hoellinger
Gmobility is a fundamental driver for reducing the carbon footprint of the road transport industry, especially when renewable gases such as biomethane are used, and it will enable a fast and cost-efficient transition to a CO2 neutral future without massive investment in completely new infrastructure.
John Wilson
Gmobility with LNG for heavy-duty vehicles are a ”low hanging fruit” for Europe to reduce CO2 emissions in transports, now and in the future: biomethane can increasingly substitute natural gas and be a commercial solution, contributing to a long-term sustainable society.
Lennart Pilskog
NGV Global
Gmobility is delivering market ready solutions to the challenge of decarbonising transport in even the most hard-to-abate segments such as heavy-duty trucking, and will continue to enable end-users and stakeholders to rapidly deploy climate neutral transport options at scale, combining advanced technologies and renewable gas.
Nadège Leclercq
Westport Fuel Systems
Gmobility is the most cost-efficient and quickest route to decarbonise the transport sector and will break the decades-long stalemate on CO2 emissions in this sector.
Dr Timm Kehler
Zukunft Gas


NGVA Europe stands for a united and strong voice in Europe for the NGV industry. It safeguards its interests and aims to expand the market through political and technical decisions and creating funding opportunities or other incentives.