One of the biggest worldwide manufacturer of CNG cylinders, trailers and filling stations – VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP has opened first large public filling station for natural gas under it´s own brand CNG VITTAL.

Ostrava 24th February 2010. Ostrava engineering group VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP concentrating this year on development of new, pure and advanced technologies (Green technology) for automobile drive has opened it´s first large public filling station for natural gas under its own brand CNG VITTAL. It´s a full service nonstop filling station.

Filling system is very easy to use for any driver. Payment is very similar to typical credit card payments as you can find in stores and ATM machines. Technology mechanism of filling station is settled in a steel container to eliminate any noise level. Due to it´s parametrs it takes only 3 minutes to fill each vehicle and even during rush hour drivers will rotate very quickly. Payment terminal gives driver comfortable payment for your natural gas.


Main strategical programs of VITKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP is to establish own CNG VITTAL´s network of filling stations and is part of Green Technology. Green technology includes many other projects (including home filling stations for CNG) and will also penetrate into traditional production sectors such as power generating equipments.

VITKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP has also started with natural gas thus CNG engine development of 1400 and 700 ccm capacity and by the end of the year we should have a fully working prototype of low capacity engine as a result of this development. Our machinery group co-operates with Matar Motorsport a.s., Brno in development of these engines which will have increase of power output compared to regular petrol and diesel engines and use of natural gas which increases output beyond the standard parameters of regular fuel. VITKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP is also working in sector of natural gas for locomotives.

Obraz_webProject Green Technology is not only about transportation. Their principals are based in the traditional Vitkovice fields-production of pressure cylinders, production and assembly of biogas stations, technology for production of ecological gas, heat and fuel. Technological development of biogas stations will aim to use available inputs from the region – from agricultural production and municapal waste as well. VITKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP cooperates with top scientists from colleges to innovate more effective usage of waste heat from turmoil and it´s transport. Mainly it concerns development of gas engines and gas pumps for watering and shift of material etc. Last but not least for cleaning biogas for filling of vehicles. Our group is also in a process of developing and preparation of strategical and portable chambers for CNG to ensure fluent delivery of gas to cities, villages, hospitals, schools and household establishments in case of failure of standard delivery of energy.

Technical data of filling station of CNG VITTAL:
The main part of station is compressor with it ´s 250 m3/h hour capacity and two three-sectional chambers systems with total water capacity 4.200 litrs,which can admit at pressure of 250 bars up to 1.300 Nm3 of natural gas.For release of gas we have two high capacity pumps with mass measurments each with hourly release up to 2.400 Nm3 of natural gas.Filling station includes so-called „remote monitoring system“ which allows the attendance(staff) of this station by remote connection via internet to solve technical problems and to control station operations 24hours a day.

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