NGVA Europe publishes valuable information about natural gas vehicles on a regular basis. Every year NGVA Europe publishes a ‘Report of Activities’, please find the latest edition and examples of special publications, such as the vehicle catalogue or our "Q-10" report below. But NGVA Europe is also producing annual statistics, position papers and case studies and other interesting studies and reports, which are available to members of the association or used at a political or technical level.
NGVA Europe furthermore provides expertise and contributes to several other publications by third parties, including the European institutions or other stakeholders. Members will find a comprehensive overview or relevant political, technical and market related information in the secure member area. If you are interested to join NGVA Europe, please contact us.


 2017 Publications:

 2017 06 NGVA Europe Report of activities  2017 06 NGVCatalogue2017  2017 06 NGVA Europe statistical Report 2017
Report of activities 2016-2017 Catalogue of CNG and LNG vehicles 2017 NGVA Europe Statistical Report 2017


2016 Publications:


  NGVA Europe Report of Activities 2015 2016   2016 06 NGVA Vehicle Catalogue vF 1
Report of activities 2015-2016 Catalogue of CNG and LNG vehicles 2016



 2015 Publications:


  Report of activities 2015   2015 10 NGV Catalogue vF low 1   NGVA DAFI Report Q10 1
Report of activities 2014-2015 Catalogue of CNG and LNG vehicles 2015 NGVA Europe report "Q-10"
a gap anaylsis of the DAFI implementation