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Growing market shifts and political regulations ask for an in-depth transfer of knowledge for all players in the fuel market.
The current emerging developments in the European CNG- and LNG fuel sector are highly promising, but also require a fast adaption of business conditions as well as continuous further advancements.
That is why, as of 2014, the NGVA strengthens its focus on the NGVA Europe Trainings Institute and can offer an even broader choice of technical training. Tailor-made and up-to-the-minute seminars and specialized trainings developed in cooperation with our member, TÜV Saarland automobile GmbH/TÜV Rheinland Group, enable participants to better assess the special market conditions, technical innovations or political / legal changes and allow them to develop individually optimized solutions for their company’s success. Close contact to political decision makers, many years of industry experience and a steadily growing network of experts guarantee an outstanding seminar quality.

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Current seminars and trainings 2014
LNG implementation in the UNECE R110:
Prospects, Risks, individual company solutions

LNG is the fuel of the future: it is compact, clean, safe and economic.
The more we know about it, the better we can use it for our specific needs.
This seminar enables participants to:
- understand and apply the LNG regulations
- work on approvals for components and vehicles
- create a new and individual scope of applications and solutions
- implement new applications in their company´s departments
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Dual Fuel: Current approval procedures in germany
Dual Fuel Engines (diesel and natural gas) combine the efficiency and torque characteristic of the diesel engines with the excellent emission characteristic of natural gas engines. After long and intense discussions a common process for dual fuel vehicles homologation in Germany is now agreed. This is especially important, as the European implementation of the ECE regulations will take some more time.
This seminar enables participants to:
- recognize the current development status and market opportunities
- gain an overview of the market systems
- learn details on German regulations
- evaluate present regulations in other countries taking into account upcoming European regulations e.g.
o the development of OEM / retrofitting
o the perspective of ECE R 115 Dual Fuel
o the current approval procedures and the measurement of emissions
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Further seminars and training programmes in 2014


General CNG/NGV
General training program CNG/NGV
In-depth training NGV/CNG
General training program CNG/NGV
Regulations and Rules for NGV
Regulations and Rules for CNG filling stations
General training Biomethane
In-depth training Biomethane
- non technical
- non technical
- technical
- technical
- technical
- non technical
- technical


Expert modules

General Workshop NGV´s
ECE R 115/national law: a straight way to quality and safety
ECE R 110 – Training course for Experts
ISO für Experts
ISO 19078 – Training course for Experts
ISO 11439 – Training course for Experts
Technical Control of Natural Gas Vehicles Installations
Gas System Test (GST)
Gas System Installation Test (GSIT)
The certified workshop – introduction


CNG filling station safety
NGV Fleet depot safety
Gas bulk transport TPED-AD
Fire hazards with CNG/NGVs


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You would like to enroll for a seminar? You have any questions or would like further information? Just give us a call (phone: +49712167143 and +491727363350)
or email at