Hochformat_MadridAlberto Ruiz-Gallardón, Mayor of Madrid has announced last week during an informative breakfast meeting in Madrid that the City Council of Madrid is preparing a regulation that will prevent the purchase of new taxis and urban buses running on diesel.

“The Transport Municipal Company (EMT) will not buy diesel vehicles and the taxis renovation will not be done with diesel vehicles anymore” declared Gallardón.

This decision was taken because diesel models emit too much NO2. Madrid is the first European city that acts against Diesel technology for environmental reasons. The municipality will not force to buy any special technology, but will establish a control not only in terms of CO2 but also regarding the NO2 emissions.

This news is going in line with a recent announcement made for by Pedro Calvo, Delegado de Seguridad y Movilidad del Ayuntamiento de Madrid (delegate for security and mobility of the Madrid municipality) and President of EMT Madrid, who said that out of the 60 new buses already ordered for 2010, 80% will be CNG vehicles. The rest will only be Diesel, because there are no CNG versions in some specific configurations available.

EMT Madrid, a member of NGVA Europe, is currently building the worls's largets CNG filling station for urban buses that will be opened later this year.  

The city of Madrid is a European champion in using CNG heavy vehicles: 700 buses (by the end 2010) and 670 garbage collection trucks!

It is important to take into account that a heavy urban vehicle uses as much gas as up to 30 passenger cars, thus the gas consumtion of the Madrid urban fleet is equivalent to 41.000 light duty vehicles.

Source: Ayuntamiento de Madrid

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