100 hamNGVA Europe member The HAM Group has recently opened the first station supplying Natural Gas, in liquefied (LNG) and compressed form (CNG), located in a European port.

This pioneering and seminal facility is situated within the service area Portuoil at the port of Bilbao (Spain), in the town of Ziérbena (Vizcaya). Per year Portuoil dispenses more than 15 million litres of diesel, its main fuel until now, to refuel transportation carriers operating in the port.

250 Station 1This new filling station will provide Natural Gas in compressed and liquid form to NGVs equipped with both dual-fuel and dedicated engine technology. This way the facility can refuel special port vehicles, heavy trucks with intensive use, "grand routier” vehicles, light trucks, as well as vans, taxis and passenger cars.

Natural gas is a fuel combusting much cleaner than traditional fuels, while guarantying high performance and huge economic advantages compared to traditional fuels.

With this new facility there are now ten stations The HAM Group has made available to customers throughout Spain and northern Italy, thus contributing to the development of the European "Blue Corridors", a network of supply units that allows businesses and consumers access to the fuel, both locally and on transport routes.

HAM has also developed innovative mobile LNG stations that permit to temporarily meet the demand for the fuel of fleets throughout Europe. This service provides the possibility to test the use of LNG as a vehicle fuel in pilot schemes.

In the coming months, new natural gas supply units of The HAM Group are expect to open in Spain, Italy, France and Northern Europe. They will certainly help to change the perception of what so far has been understood by the term "fuel".

Source: HAM

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