NGVA Europe is proud to announce that GNVert, subsidiary of GDF Suez and operator 140 CNG filling stations in France, became the newest member of the association´s governing body. NGVA Europe director on behalf of GNVert and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Charlotte Hubert, said: I am very happy to be a part of the NGVA Europe board. France has a lot to contribute and I am looking forward to support our common cause for a better and cleaner environment through natural gas vehicles." 


NGVA Europe Board of Directors (from left to right): Eugene Pronin (Gazprom), Hans Wach (Gasmobil), Gerhard Holtmeier (Erdgas Mobil), Trevor Fletcher (Hardstaff Group), Charlotte Hubert (GNVert), Jose Luis Perez-Souto (IVECO), Lennart Pilskog (Volvo AB), Jose Ramón Freire (Gas Natural Fenosa), Flavio Mariani (ENI), Walter Lange (Gasmobil), Peter Boisen (honorary chairman). Other directors absent: Maurizio Pastine (Fiat Group Automobiles), Anders Mathiasson (Swedish Gas Association)

On 16th November, NGVA Europe was celebrating its Board of Directors meeting in connection with the first Natural Gas Vehicles conference in Ireland, hosted by NGVA Europe member Bord Gáis Networks. NGVA Europe chairman, Trevor Fletcher (UK), representing the Hardstaff Group, announced to step down as chairman of the board by end 2011. The association's vice-chairman, Gerhard Holtmeier (GER), representing Erdgas Mobil, will carry on as interim chairman before getting officially elected as new chairman by the members at the next annual General Meeting (to be held at NGV2012 Bologna/Italy, 19-21 June). GNVert board representative, Charlotte Hubert (FR), offered her availability to become new vice-chairwoman of NGVA Europe, which was well-received by the other directors, and which would also have to be confirmed by the annual meeting.

Over 170 attend Bord Gáis Networks’ Natural Gas Vehicles Ireland conference

On 17th November, over 170 delegates and speakers attended a conference in Dublin, Ireland, titled, ‘Natural Gas Vehicles – Fuelling Ireland’s Transport Future’.  The conference was hosted by Bord Gáis Networks to share information and facilitate discussion on developing a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) market in Ireland.

John Barry, Managing Director, Bord Gáis Networks opened the conference and outlined the company’s motivation for exploring the CNG and NGV market in Ireland.We believe there is a viable opportunity for NGVs in Ireland and we believe our role is that of a facilitator in the development of an NGV industry. Bord Gáis Networks has a core objective to increase utilisation of the natural gas network and reduce network charges for all gas customers. We have a very modern and resilient network and plentiful supplies of gas are available, which together means there is every opportunity to grow the use of natural gas in Ireland.  The pharmaceutical, manufacturing and hospitality industries have benefited greatly from the availability of natural gas and we will now seek to bring the advantages of this clean, cost effective fuel to the transport sector too. Today’s conference is the start of a process to share information and suggestions on the way forward.”

   Dublin_NGV_2      Dublin_NGV_1
   John Barry, Managing Director of Bord Gáis Networks
     More than 170 participants at NGV Ireland conference

The conference had four main sessions – policy; NGVs in practice; economics and technology; and finally a discussion session. Delegates heard from experts within the NGV industry who presented on the European and US experiences of developing NGV markets; NGVs in practice; the benefits of renewable gas in transport; the economic and environmental benefits; and the proven technology and infrastructure that are readily available. The Q&A discussions after each session were engaging and demonstrated the appetite and level of interest among the delegates.   

Ronald W. Jibson, CEO & President of US gas company Questar Corporation and incoming President of the American Gas Association was one of the guest speakers and said: "Following the recent substantial supplies of natural gas that have been discovered as a result of the shale explorations, natural gas is poised to be at the forefront of national energy solutions in the United States and throughout the world.  I commend those in Ireland who have recognised that the abundance, cleanliness, affordability and versatility of natural gas makes it a very compelling alternative for petroleum in the world of transportation. By working together, government and industry, we truly have the opportunity to create energy security in our countries. Natural gas for transportation technology provides a solution today and in to the future."

From a European perspective, Manuel Lage, General Manager of NGVA Europe spoke of the significant growth in NGVs in Europe, approx. 12% year on year over the past decade. Speaking on the development of an NGV market in Ireland he said, “The development of CNG as a fuel for transport in a country like Ireland, is not dependent on building a public CNG distribution infrastructure. The quickest and most effective way to introduce CNG in transport in Ireland is in urban fleets, such as buses and refuse collection trucks in first place, and then other delivery vans and trucks. These types of vehicles are typically part of large fleets and as a consequence the need for CNG refuelling points is limited to their own depots.”    

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Source: NGVA Europe, Bord Gáis Networks

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